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Our comprehensive IT solutions are designed around your specific needs. Be it a small business or a large enterprise, we offer an expert combination of professional management services coupled with the most modern technologies, adapting and wrapping these around your requirements for that perfect fit. Applying the right blend of technologies and expertise, our services cover data management, data security, communication, ERP, CRM, call centres or workplace productivity and many more.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Offering an integrated approach to running an organization effectively, ERP solutions make various facets of an outfit work in tandem. ERP is a great tool for integration and centralization of the financials of a company, encompassing various elements such as accounts, inventory, manufacturing, fixed assets, payroll and similar. In short, it is a `design to desk’ solution, where, right from development, manufacture, sales, marketing and until the time a product or a service reaches its final end-user, the various essentials are integrated to provide a seamless offering.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If `Customer is King’, CRM is the tool that leads comprehensively to managing customer relationship sagaciously. The sheer variety that the CRM can be used in, makes this a sought after solution. Building a customer data, meaningful interaction with the client base, getting new customers into the fold, catering to bespoke customer needs, improving service levels, working on new leads thrown up, the list is merely indicative for the scope of CRM is limitless.

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)
In any organization the human resources are the most valuable. The HRMS software is a true value add-on solution that enhances the innumerable aspects of HR. This includes recruiting, training, work assessment, reviews, defining appropriate roles, role change and numerous other HR related services. The outstanding feature of HRMS is that it can be used in a custombuilt manner to derive best benefits for various industry-specific requirements.
Document Management
Every office generates a large number of documents and each sheet of paper is important for the data it contains and which can become critical as a reference point anytime in the future. Hence Document Management is a key solution that can aid in managing records, storing extensive correspondences, projects, tasks and above all, in sync with the contemporary concept of green environment and sustainability, this can lead to paperless meetings.
Remote Printing Solutions

The compulsion of having printers in offices is pass. Today's Remote Printing Solutions simplilfy the whole activity with remote desktop printing solutions. This not only keeps costs down to a minimum, but also does away with the hassles of managing print drivers and associated printing problems. Printing has never been simpler as it is with Remote Printing Solutions.

Point of Sales (POS)
When sales are brisk, when the coffers are being filled to capacity, it is a scene that augurs well for any business, especially when a good POS software solution is in place, offering control over the collection, combined with speed and security. This can be used in any business segment, large or small, single or multi-store or franchise outlets. Be it a single POS terminal for a small outlet or a large franchise chain with over 200 POS terminals connected to a single main POS server, ...the efficiency is superlative.
Smart Home Solutions / Automation

If you are able to program your home to have the air conditioner switched on thirty minutes before you reach home, if the curtains close with a mind of its own as night falls, if your entertainment system - music, video, movies and similar are available in parts of your house at will, the abode becomes totally futuristic. Smart Homes solution is entirely wireless, totally secure and can be built into any existing homes, without having to rewire. Surely such Smart home Automation technology is at its mind-boggling best. Client Computing

Client Computing

With some ace hand-holding from our dedicated and experienced team, it would be easy to select from our wide client computing range that includes desktop and notebook computers, servers, printers, peripherals and workstation accessories, all from globally reputed technology leaders.

Digital Signage Solutions

In keeping with the great strides made in the world of advertising, good Digital Signage Solutions ensure better reach of products or services. A robust solution such as this will not translate into huge investments for placing advertisements in strategic locations, for these use the more modern concept called `digital out of home or DOOH. The benefits of digital signage over static signage are huge, for content can easily be updated in the former.


Healthcare Management Systems (HMS) - Medez

Healthcare has assumed greater importance in the current day scenario than ever before. The Medez is a HIPAA-compliant solution that sets high standards for its delivery. A comprehensive list of solutions that this software offers encompass healthcare facility management, professional practice management that includes doctors, nursing assistants and technicians, billing software, appointment scheduling, maintaining electronic health records, running a paperless facility, managing medical reports, insurance details, the list is certainly not exhaustive!

Behavioural Healthcare Management Systems - Medez

Another healthcare software that is HIPAA-compliant, the Medez  is a mental health practice management solution that boosts a facility's complete effectiveness and employee productivity. Besides, the Medez's Community Care software works on checkpoints such as driver check-in, sign-in sheets, attendance checks, therapist notes and reports. As a corollary, this leads to ease and accuracy in billing. Bespoke healthcare programs can be created with codes assigned to individual therapies chosen for patients, leading to clarity in treatment plans. Factors such as day treatment, dual diagnosis, juvenile therapies and many others can be woven into customized software that is bound to enhance the final healthcare delivery.


Surveillance - CCTV / IP Cameras

In order to ensure security is never compromised, a good surveillance system is an absolute must. This includes CCTV cameras, video door phones, digital video recorders, net work video recorders, compression cards and IP cameras, to name but a few from an entire range of modern day security systems. Recognizing the fact that one size does not fit all, we offer bespoke security and surveillance solutions, first studying very specific customer requirements and designing a solution that will meet the exact needs based on ADMCC standards and regulations.

Access Control / Time & Attendance
We provide complete access control and business timekeeping solution for any modern organization, with a flexible and scalable personal identification infrastructure that provides a robust physical security platform. We integrate a number of platforms, devices and technologies into seamless access control and timekeeping solutions. On implementation, we combine comprehensive scheduling, tracking of working hours and detailed attendance calculations required by Payroll and other Human Resources (HR) applications. A high level of flexibility is needed for seamless integration of numerous diverse 3rd party system components such as badge readers, biometric devices and communication interfaces in which we are able to professionally provide this in a wholesome offering.
Mobile Video Surveillance
Road Blockers
Public Address
X-Ray Machines
Metal Detectors
Gate Barriers and Turnstiles
Fire Alarm Systems
Queuing Management System
Automatic Doors


Network Management

Network management and networking solutions are of paramount importance to any business. These could be wired or wireless in nature, indoor or outdoor; but the success of an effective networking solution lies in determining the optimal network equipment and service capabilities to ensure seamless output, minimal operating costs and at prices that are affordable. Besides, this is an area where customizing to client requirements is an absolute must for each organization's need would be different. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke solutions comprising, designing, cabling, installation, and integration of network interface cards, installation and upgrading of network operating system, network trouble shooting and maintenance... all of which will lead to enhanced network management.

VOIP Solutions
When the computers, telephones and television converge into a single-integrated information environment, the resultant technology is the Voice Over Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony. Traditionally calls, fax and other forms of information that have been carried over the PSTN or the Public Switched Telephone Network now uses the Internet with the ability to deliver communication uninterrupted and uncorrupted.
Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private network that interconnects remote and often geographically separate networks through primarily public communication infrastructures such as the Internet. VPN's provide security through tunneling protocols and security procedures such as encryption.

Structured Cabling
A structured cabling system comprises a complete system of cabling and its associated hardware, providing a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. This serves a wide array of uses from telephone service, transmitting data through a computer network, to name but a few. In order to ensure uniformly acceptable performance even from complex arrangements, it is vital that the methods used for completing and maintaining cabling installations are standard. And in this uniformity lies its success.
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