Service With Sagacity…
Well-rendered services are bound to give a business that distinctive edge to help it stay ahead in a highly competitive market. Our services are tailored to take care of all your needs comprehensively.

Applications Development

This comprises custom-made vertical software solutions based on stable platforms such as Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Oracle Developer Tools, Microsoft Developer Tools, Sharepoint Portal Server and others. Besides, we specialize in COTS implementation and bespoke application development on internet / intranet platforms using the most contemporary web technologies. Our packaged applications are resourceful for purposes of investment, real estate, human resource management, payroll and similar.

Web Design

This includes a bouquet of services such as design, coding, search engine optimization (SEO) and not stopping with just these, it is equally important that a website also proves to be an effective marketing tool for services and/or products being offered. For a website to produce preeminent results, it is vital that each of these elements is in perfect balance.

Project Management

Project management is a multi-dimensional function and requires skill and expertise of a high order. Being involved from start to finish, ensuring good control systems and strategic methodologies are in place, we provide support by way of skilled professionals that include project managers, coordinators, engineers and document controllers who are qualified with industry standard certifications. With a project management methodology based on PMI standards, our skills encompass situation analysis, optimization of every available resource, quality checks, constant reporting, providing frequent updates and use of automation where required, in order to enhance speed and efficiency.


With increasing pressure to perform and to deliver results, to face challenges that are constantly surfacing in any successful business, it is of paramount importance that companies apply their core competencies and capabilities in generating a healthy bottom line, without getting distracted by the day to day IT administration of a company. As a sensible corollary it would be prudent for companies to outsource their IT requirements and less critical IT business processes to superior external service providers, at costs that are completely affordable to the business module.

Systems Integration

We combine modern technologies and proven processes to maximize compatibility, interoperability and enterprise-wide information integration. There is an escalating demand for systems, application and process integration from within and outside an organization. Our System Integration services help by mitigating business risk and make the company’s IT investments work favourably for the business.

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